Niceshit... Actually it all started with a nice shoot. Entirely shot on blue screens. And those had to be removed. I know what you’re thinking: “Poor you! That must have been some nasty shit.” But you’re wrong. That was some nifty shit! It gave me the opportunity to VFX, 3D and Composite the shit out of 3 films for Barcelona's City Hall.
See the whole project on the Niceshit website.

"Niceshit teamed up with Folch, a Barcelona-based communication agency, to create and direct three animated ads, to promote the new waste service in the city.
A new visual language that reminds us of an illustration book, with colorful and gestural brushes, by creating an animated campaign mixing real actors/actresses and then including them in the illustrated world that we create."
Directed by: Niceshit 
Campaign & Concept: Folch Studio & Barcelona Cat

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