Ah... Doesn't it feel good when "primavera" finally arrives? The sun is shinning, the flowers start to bloom, pollen is all around you and your allergies start to kick in... It's a beautiful time of the year. And guess what!? This year "primavera" arrived earlier when the great Devicers pulled me into this journey to animate backgrounds and composite 3 out of 6 films for Primavera Sound 2022.
See all the films on Device's website.
"Having worked on some really fun projects in the past with Primavera Sound, we were super excited when they asked us to help out on their 2022 edition. The campaign includes 6 musical journeys, to announce their biggest festival year yet. Each video mapped to destination Primavera Sound, delivering new festival locations and musicians along the way, all linking back to their base here in Barcelona."
Produced by BOL & Vampire
Directed by Device
Animation Direction: Guille Comin, Giorgio Gore
Art Direction: Marc Stuart, Fago Studio

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