AR, VR, MR, I AM, YOU ARE... You know how it goes. On this one I animated a shoe, made its sole shapeshift, and even made some shelves react to external forces. Wizardry!

"The Panics' Dell adventure continues, this time on a pioneering Augmented Reality demo project with accompanying film. Both elements (AR demo and film) were directed by House of Panic's Erwin van den IJssel and produced by The Panics, in close co-operation with Dell, UltraHaptics and Metaglass. This film introduces the AR demo which is currently being showcased by Dell for key industry partners and press. The Panics was responsible for the creative concepting, narrative structure, content design/creation as well as scripting and programming of the actual demo."

Production company: The Panics
Director: Erwin van den IJssel

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