We created some vinyls and placed them out there in space with planets and stars made out of clay. We did it without ever leaving the comfort of the computer screen's blue light hitting your eyes.
But we thought that it wasn't as fun as playing with the real thing. Real clay. So we threw the computer out of the window and went into the glorious real world. Where things are tangible, pain is real. And we got our hands dirty. That felt good.
But all that wasn't enough. So we got hold of a scanner and made some typography animations with it. One scan at a time.

"This animated cover art for “Vinyl Junkies'' Facebook Group is part of the FB Obsessed campaign to promote and feature groups all over the web. This is only one piece among many we’ve been working with the guys at Facebook and 1stAveMachine for this massive campaign."
Directed by Brut
Agency: Facebook
Production: Brut & 1stAveMachine
Executive Producer: Michaela McKee, Maud Beckers
Line Producer: Sara Camacho
Animation Direction, 3D & Comp: Hugo Morais
Stopmotion: Dedo Ciego
Claymation: Gacy Sarubbi & Alfredo Allais
Cover Designs: Ricardo Leite

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